Total Clearance

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House Clearances

Because of the nature of most house clearance enquiries i.e. the death of a relative or someone having to go into care, our ethical house clearance service will take everything and solve your problem for you. Unlike other companies we do not cherry pick and leave the family to deal with the leftovers.

Because our partners operate the furniture and other household items reuse project we are able to offer competitive rates on the basis that we should be able to find new homes for some of the items.

We can perform full or partial house clearances, removing everything requested.  We can also clear garages, sheds, conservatories, out buildings, lofts, cellars, attics and office spaces. Cleaning and disposing of waste will be included in the house clearance fee.

As a licensed waste carrier we can remove furniture, carpets, curtains, white goods, clothes etc. As an environmental company you can be assured that we will process unusable items appropriately and apply the principle of reuse as our first option.  As a social enterprise you know that any fee paid is put back into the company to create more jobs. We are able to respond at short notice, for example: we received an enquiry on New Year's Eve. We viewed the property on New Years Day and arranged the clearance for the 6th January.

Void Property Clearances (Commercial and Domestic)

We have extensive experience in clearing both commercial and domestic properties. Whether it is a warehouse, office or shop, pub or restaurant or any other type of commercial/residential void property clearance, we are pleased to provide a quotation. We can clear and clean the property anywhere within the North West. Our void cleaning and clearance service provide our clients with a host of benefits:

  • Fast property clearance at change of ownership or tenancy enables new businesses to reduce start up costs and begin generating income quickly.
  • The removal and disposal of obsolete stock, furniture or equipment quickly, freeing up valuable storage and trading space.
  • Fast re-letting reduces the potential for costly vandalism and squatting in void commercial properties.
  • Consistent levels of cleanliness reduce the number of commercial tenancy refusals.

As a Designated Collection Facility under WEEE regulations we dispose of all types of machinery, fridges, freezers and electrical goods in accordance with environmental regulations. We provide you with all written records required to comply with the duty of care legislation. (NB We do not deal with hazardous materials).


Decluttering or getting rid of those items that have been hoarded for years: 'just in case you might need it one day' doesn't have to be headache. Usually the biggest problem is finding the time and the energy to do it.

Our experienced and helpful team will come and advise on the best way forward and we will declutter with the minimum of fuss as quickly as possible. Because we are all about reuse, you can also be assured that wherever possible we will be looking to find a new home for your unwanted items and the remainder will be disposed of properly.

This is a clearance service and not a valuation service. During the planning stage we will agree what is to be removed. Any item that may be considered of value, either financial or personal will be identified and kept to one side. We do not purchase items from clearances nor do we offer advice on an items value. We are there to help you create the space you need.

How Much Will It Cost?

Weather it be a house clearance or void property the cost of the work will depend on factors such as the size of the property, the location, the type of items being removed and what will be done with the goods when they have been removed.

Wherever possible we will carryout a site visit to discuss the job in person and you won’t have to do anything else.  Once the fee has been agreed we can work with your solicitor, neighbour or estate agent.  We can pick keys up and don't require you to be at the property if you are unable to be there due to other commitments. We don't ask you to do anything once you have provided our instructions. Just leave it all for us. We'll do all the work.