Traditional Farmhouse Tables

Traditional Farmhouse Tables

We are now taking orders for our handmade traditional Victorian pine farmhouse tables. Available in any width, and lengths up to 12', you can chose turned or square cut legs, either fixed or detachable.

Over the past three years Total Reuse has gained a reputation for manufacturing traditional farmhouse tables from reclaimed timbers that come with a provenance of the materials thereby prolonging the social history of the area from where they came. They can bee seen in restaurants, coffee bars, bistros and dining rooms throughout the region. The process is fairly simple. We divert timbers from derelict buildings and demolition sites and transform them into bespoke pieces of furniture.


The majority of the timbers are pitch or yellow pine and are over 100 years old and showing charm and characteristics that cannot be copied. They are collected and stored until dry, de-nailed, cleaned with caustic soda and then washed and allowed to dry naturally.


The individual planks are then planned to provide a smooth edge and glued together. Once set, they are lightly planned and any  nail holes are filled. The tops are then sanded and planned to produce a unique smooth finish.


Side and end rails are then cut to size, planned and sanded and attached to the legs. The legs are cut from roof joists from the same era and can be turned, square or tappered. Once the table is assembled it is stained to the colour of your choice.


Normally table tops will be sealed with Shallac, a natural resin produced by the Coccuc lacca beetle that is harvested from the trees in Southeast Asia. The insect secretes a resin, which dries and hardens into a protective covering and is the fnish of choice when it comes to wood that comes into contact with food.


Tables are then treated with a blend of beeswax and carnauba waxes to give an instant natural sheen over a sanding sealer. The choice of finish is up to you. It can be finished with Briwax or varnished or just oiled. Maybe you would like to blend the beauty of the natural wood with legs and chairs painted in shades of Farrow & Ball or Laura Ashley? The choice is yours.


Farmhouse tables are rustic and can accomodate a variety of chair types. You might even wish to mix different chair types around one table. We can source and supply traditional farmhouse chairs such as spindle back, ladder back or wheat back or manufacture benches from the same timber. Chairs can be left natural, varnished with clear polyurethane or painted. For more information on chairs or benches please click on any of the pictures below.