Adactus Housing Group Choose Reuse Rather Than Recycling

on Friday, 11 December 2015. Posted in News

Total Clearance has just made its first collection of unwanted electrical goods from The Adactus Housing Group who own and manage over 13,000 properties across the North West of England.

Following a conversation with Phil Hart, (Void Works Manager), the team cleared a backlog of electrical goods from the organisations Chorley site. As a DCF, (Designated Collection Facility), under the WEEE Regulations, Total Reuse is able to provide a comprehensive range of services,

The Environment Agency T11 exemption allows us to repair, refurbish or dismantle various types of waste electrical and electronic equipment so that the whole WEEE item or any dismantled parts can be reused for their original purpose or dismantled parts can be recovered. The Adactus Housing Group sees this as their prefered option to recycling.