Comfomatic Collections Increase to Two per Week

on Monday, 05 January 2015. Posted in News

Total Reuse have increased the number of collections from the Comformatic head office in Widnes  from one to two a week. This has been brought about due to the high demand for Comformatic products and the availability of the 'take back' service.

The continued success of Comfomatic has lead to an increase in demand for the Total Reuse bed and sofa collection and deconstruction service. Starting with a single collection once a week the Total Clearance team are now committed to collecting on Tuesdays and Thursday to meet the demand.

With over 30 years of experience Comfomatic are dedicated to delivering a better quality of life for its customers,  a company that put its customers first. Comfomatic prides itself on the provision of top quality British made products, coupled with good old fashioned service. From start to finish they work to deliver a level of service that surpasses their customers expectations.

They recognise that choosing the correct bed or rise and recline chair is a life-changing proposition, that can deliver so much more than a good night's sleep and comfort during the day. That's why they recognise that when investing in a new adjustable bed or a rise and recline chair it is important that the customer make the right decision.

They offer their customers a personal service based upon years of experience that they guarantee is fast and friendly, a professional service and a respect that is second to none.