Commemorative Tables From White Star Radiators

on Wednesday, 30 July 2014. Posted in News

Total Reuse are in possession of a number of radiators from the former White Star Lines head office at Albion House in Liverpool and we will be turning them into limited edition coffee and dining tables.

The radiators, kindly donated by the new owners Lawrence and Katie Kenwright of Signature Living, will be turned into functional sculptures in time for the Cunard Lines 175th celebrations in 2015 when the three Queens will grace the River Mersey between the 24th and 26th of May with all three meeting on the Mersey for the first time on 25th.

Albion House (also known as "30 James Street" or White Star Building) is a Grade II listed building constructed between 1896 and 1898 and is positioned on the corner of James Street and The Strand. 

Designed by architects Richard Norman Shaw and J. Francis Doyle, it was built for the Ismay, Imrie and Company shipping company, which later became the White Star Line. The facade is constructed from white Portland stone and red brick. After White Star merged with Royal Mail Line the headquarters remained at Albion House until 1934 at which time the British Government forced the merger of Cunard Line and White Star Line.  

In 1912, when news of the disaster of the Titanic reached the offices, the officials were too afraid to leave the building, and instead read the names of the deceased from the balcony. During World War II, the gable was damaged and was later rebuilt in the late 1940's. In August 2013 it was announced the building had been acquired by Signature Living with the intention of converting it to a Titanic-themed hotel. (To see the finished hotel, click on Signature Living. This will open the companies website in a new window).

The tables, similar to the picture below, will be manufactured from 100% diverted materials. The radiators are obviously from Albion House, (and who knows which one they may have been leaning on when they lent out the window to confirm the sinking of the Titanic!), and the tops will be from tables where the original base has been damaged beyond repair.

We are in the process of working out how many of each will be available. There will be coffee tables, dining tables and hall tables. We estimate that there will be a maximum of 25 pieces altogether. All radiators will be stripped back to the original cast finish, (as shown below), unless pre ordered and we receive specific instructions on the required finish. This is a one off opportunity to purchase a piece of history that will come with a certificate of authenticity signed by the current owners of the building confirming that the radiators did come from the building and were donated to Total Reuse CIC.