Edge Hill Student Union Looking For A Revamp

on Tuesday, 24 March 2015. Posted in News

After carrying out extensive research in the trendy bars and bistros's of Liverpool City Centre, staff from the Edge Hill University Student Union came across Leaf on Bold Street. Inspired by the look that Leaf have created they discovered that Total Reuse had a hand in its design.

On the city tour the team also took in a visit to the recently refurbished University of Liverpool Student Guild and as part of the tour were shown the Cinema that we designed and fitted. Jan Barnes (Sales Manager), picked up a leaflet in the cinema and discovered that that too was a Total Reuse project.

A quick phone call led to Jan and Edge Hill University Student Union Chief Executive Paul Malone calling into to see the workshop today. Although there was not a lot on display there was enough to generate some ideas for giving some of the Unions buildings a face lift.

With a target completion date of September 2015 there plenty of time to salvage, recycle, divert and up-cycling 'stuff'. Further details to follow. To find out more about the student union click on the link below. To view a slideshow of the finished job, click here