Environment Agency Exemption Extended

on Thursday, 28 May 2015. Posted in News

Due to the increase in business with the management and control of waste, Total Reuse CIC have now added additional activities to its environmental licence.

2.1 Permitted activities

2.1.1 U1 - Use of Waste in Construction

2.1.2 U3 - Use of Waste in the construction of Entertainment or Educational Installations etc 

2.1.3 U4 - Burning of Waste as a Fuel in a Small Appliance 

2.1.4 U8 - Direct and Beneficial use of Waste for a specified Purpose 

2.1.5 U9 - Use of Waste to Manufacture Finished Goods 

2.1.6 T2 - Recovery of Textiles 

2.1.7 T4 - Preparatory treatments (baling, sorting, shredding etc) 

2.1.8 T6 - Treatment of waste wood and waste plant matter by chipping, shredding, cutting or pulverising

2.1.9 T9 - Recovery of scrap Metal 

2.1.10 T10 - Sorting mixed waste 

2.1.11 T12 - Manual Treatment of Waste 

2.1.12 D7 - Burning Waste in the open 

2.1.13 S1 - Storage of Waste in Secure Containers 

2.1.14 S2 - Storage of Waste in a Secure Place