Life's Just Too Damn Short!

on Sunday, 06 September 2015. Posted in News

When a local film maker gets confirmation of the contract to film the latest Scouting for Girls video, who does he call?

When  a local film maker Ian Gamester got the call on the Friday to confirm he had the contract to produce the latest Scouting for Girls music video, and the band were available for filming the following Monday, he knew exactly who to call to get the props made in time, his mum and dad!

Mum Paula runs the Sewing Rooms and dad Martin runs Total Reuse both based in Gladden House in Skelmersdale so the call went out and the team spent the week-end manufacturing the props for the video: Life’s Too Short.

Paula was up in the sewing rooms making the curtains, bow ties and drapes using material donated by local company Panaz based in Burnley, whilst Ian, Martin and Paul (Bragger) were busy with the timber and cardboard making guitars, drums, scenery and props.

Where possible materials were reused and other props such as the fire surround and bench were borrowed from the warehouse. When it came to painting the props, paint from their Community Repaint Scheme came in very handy.

This was the bands first video for a few years and the recording studio had also commissioned a ‘The Making of The Video’ video. Filming took place on the following Monday and Tuesday as planned and during the ‘making of’ interview, Roy, Greg and Pete all agreed it was the most fun they had had making a music video.

The video was released the following Friday and you can watch it on a variety of music channels as well as YouTube. Initial response from the fans has been positive with comments such as: “Amazing song and such a lovely video”, “This is the CUTEST thing I’ve ever seen”, “Aww what a brilliant video guys” and “This is the best Scouting For Girls music video ever”.

The group’s management company: Modest! Management who also have One Direction and Little Mix on their books thought it would be a good idea to use a few smaller props for competitions so some are on their way to London. You can watch the video here: