No Fire Label, No Problem

on Monday, 10 November 2014. Posted in News

If you discover that your sofa has no fire label, think twice before consigning it to the  tip. Why not have it re-covered and prolong its life cycle?

If it has a solid frame then it is more cost effective to re-upholster a sofa than to go out and buy a replacement. Not only do you get a 'new' sofa but you can also pick the covering so its the right colour to match the room.

The upholstery team have just finished work at the latest Signature Living hotel in Liverpool: 30 James Street, and are now back on site clearing the backlog of sofa's and chairs. One of the first jobs was to recover a number of sofa's for the University of Liverpool Guild of Students.

During the recent re-refurbishment they discovered a number of sofa's that did not display a fire label. Before throwing them out and buying new they asked if they could be recovered. The cost for recovering was significantly less than replacement and we have just returned the first few.


Phil and the team have been in the business for more years than they care to recall providing a comprehensive range of services to the domestic, commercial, public and private sectors. The section is also a training area offering skills training to those who express an interest in learning upholstery.


Different styles of furniture require different techniques and the level of repair to a frame may not be fully known until the the item has been stripped and the frame inspected. However, you can rest assured that we will make any repairs necessary. If it needs re-springing or joints glued we'll do it, we won't simply cover them up.

As for materials, we have a large stock of end of rolls on site and you can also pick from a number of textile catalogue. Or, bring your own.

Why not call into the warehouse in Skelmersdale or ring us and have a chat with Phil if your thinking of replacing your sofa or chair. Recycled furniture usually ends up in landfill. If it's re-upholstered and reused then it doesn't need recycling.