Total Reuse and Whitfield and Brown Limited Join Forces to Reduce Landfill

on Wednesday, 24 September 2014. Posted in News

Following an exchange of emails and a first meeting today, Total Reuse CIC and family run construction and development company Whitfield and Brown Limited, have agreed to work in partnership to maximise the opportunity to reuse rather than recycle.

Working throughout the North West, the company has experience in a wide range of sectors with its principal areas of business covering Health, Education, Residential, Leisure, Science & Technology, Ecclesiastical Commercial and Industrial sectors.

Having built up its reputation over the past 40 year it's continuing growth is attributable to the high levels of repeat business that currently represents 80% of the organisations workload.

The company believe that the key to a successful project is teamwork and working together in the spirit of partnership at all times and Total Reuse CIC are proud to be considered a partner of one of the most highly respected contractors in the North West.

As part of the company’s commitment to supporting the social enterprise sector Whitfield & Brown Limited has agreed to look at ways in which 'reuse' can be integrated into project planning. Business Development Manager Zoe Brooke explained: "This is a new way of thinking for us but it makes sense that if there are items or materials that have to be removed before a project commences and they can be reused and upcycled then this is a fantastic way for us to demonstrate our commitment to  the company’s environmental and sustainability agenda . This will also make savings on skip hire and labour costs and also significantly reduce what is currently classed as 'waste' going to landfill. Whilst we are specialists in our sector, we are not best placed to identify what has or hasn't got a reuse value so we are happy to work with organisations such as Total Reuse who have that expertise".

To find out more about Whitfield & Brown click on the logo below: (this will open up in a new window).